Every one has their own reminiscence, and so do we.
Leaving Hanoi to settle down at Da Nang, the rising tourist destination of Vietnam, but from times to times, memories of our home town still linger on our feelings.

And so, The Han Hotel was created, like a home to our reminiscence. Here and there, you would see a balcony filled with hoa giay, a photo of our old capital city, or even some pieces of bricks that remind us of the 80s.

We created The Han Hotel, with the hope of making a sophisticated yet chilling atmosphere amidst of an energetic Da Nang; so that you could find a place to kick back, relax, sit down in the green garden, take a lung full of breathe air, grab a coffee and chill.

And we hope, somewhere in our small hotel, you could find your own reminiscent stories.